Disney Hufflepuff

“Dancing – A series of movements involving two partners, where speed & rhythm match harmoniously with music.” –This comes from one of my favorite Disney Pixar scenes with this character. He is very hardworking, has a cockroach friend, and spends a lot of time trying to save a plant. It’s Wall-E!! I’m pretty sure he would actually be a Hufflepuff, especially since we know they are usually pretty great at herbology. Hope you like it! (also so sorry for being absent again, I guess I just can’t get the hang of this whole posting regularly thing)
Disney Hufflepuff


Brown waistcoat
$115 – nickis.com

Marc by Marc Jacobs straight skirt

Alex Monroe necklace

Casetify iphone case

Essie nail polish

Birthday cup


Disney Slytherin

I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!! This Disney character’s bestie Tinkerbell would probably be in Slytherin let’s be honest. Do you think Peter would too or is it just his outfit that’s green and not his true house colors? They are both pretty crafty so I’d say maybe, but I think you could make an argument for Gryffindor too. Sorting Disney characters is always so fun and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Steffen Schraut peter pan shirt
$200 – jades24.com

Boohoo short shorts

Minnetonka flat shoes

Long necklace

Dsquared2 leather belt

Green hat
$12 – yoins.com

Nail polish
$13 – trouva.com

Ravenclaw Disney

You’ve never had a friend like me…
Does everyone recognize this character?! He has a great grin and a pal named Al. It’s the Genie! I love Disney so I figured it would be fun to incorporate it into the Harry Potter theme. Love all of the gold details in this, especially that magic lamp. Wish I had some wishes 🙂 Hope you like it!
Ravenclaw Disney


Blue top

Superdry denim skinny jeans
$61 – houseoffraser.co.uk

Converse white trainers
$74 – veryexclusive.co.uk

Cuff jewelry

Ballet Night Gryffindor

I’m back with the final look in the ballet series!
I think this might be my favorite one actually. I’m obsessed with this amazing crushed velvet top, and as you probably know, maroon is one of my favorite colors so I’m always partial to the Gryffindor looks…. Decided to pair it with some white polish to match the pearl earrings and keep it clean and sleek. Really hope you like this one and the series as a whole!
Ballet Night Gryffindor


Velvet crop top
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Velvet pumps
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Mac cosmetics lipstick
$19 – selfridges.com

NARS Cosmetics nail polish


Ballet Night Hufflepuff

Sorry lovelies, I got a little distant again. Anyway… here’s Hufflepuff! I’m still really loving this whole series honestly, it’s just so classy! I love this off the shoulder top with the sheer skirt layer. Also apparently chokers are back? I’m pretty sure I wore those cheap plastic ones back in the nineties but this is definitely an upgrade! I kept the makeup pretty light in this outfit with this nice sheer gloss. Super simple. Hope you like it!
Ballet Night Hufflepuff


Pleated midi skirt
$39 – getthelooks.com.au

Velvet necklace

Nars cosmetic
$19 – harveynichols.com

Ballet Night Slytherin


Continuing on with this classy night out series. Not gonna lie, all of these outfits will pretty much have the same general style. The fuller A-line skirt with the tighter and smaller shirt work so well together to create that ballerina effect. This velour top is particularly reminiscent of dancers’ leotards. Perfect way to bring the looks from the stage into your street style!

The silver jewelry matches the nail polish, but not in a totally obvious way. I added in a darker lip, which seemed very Slytherin to me. I don’t wear lipstick often myself, but I think I would feel very glam in this color. Hope you like it, and get excited for the second half of the series!

Ballet Night Slytherin


Flare skirt
$39 – getthelooks.com.au

M Co chain strap purse
$16 – mandco.com

Mac cosmetic

Nars cosmetic

Ballet Night Ravenclaw

Hello lovelies! After the last series I figured it was time for a change, so we are going fancy this time. Living in NYC I’ve been feeling like the whole world is at my fingertips. Lately I’ve been dreaming about dressing up and going to the Philharmonic, or the opera, or even the ballet. Thus, this next series: A night at the ballet! These outfits are inspired by the beautiful ballet costumes, including the gorgeous, shiny tutus. I absolutely love this skirt. I can’t decide if it’s bronze or rose gold, but that’s really why I like it. Add in some dark blue items and you have yourself a super classy Ravenclaw outfit. Hope you like it!
Ballet Night Ravenclaw


Doublju cami top

Brown skirt
$2.61 – boohoo.com

Pointed-toe pumps
$28 – yoins.com

Katie Loxton navy purse
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Kenneth Jay Lane leaf earrings

Charlotte Tilbury lipstick

Lazy Sunday Gryffindor


So I disappeared again…my bad. But hey, at least this time it was only for a couple of months and not 3 years! I was a little preoccupied/stressed out/ecstatic/overwhelmed. Basically, I got a job, frantically searched for apartments, moved to Manhattan, started said job, and essentially got a new life. Now I work a 9-5 in publishing and I’m absolutely loving it 🙂 Books, books, all of the books, all day, every day.

Anyway… on to the clothes! Of course I had to finish up this series. At first when I added in the necklace I second guessed myself, thinking, is this too many cats? The answer is no, there are never too many cats. I may be getting my inspiration from Hermione on this one, but I think many Gryffindors would be highly enthusiastic about wearing the domesticated version of their mascot. Plus, cats just automatically signal cozy/lazy to me. I may also be newly biased on this one since I now live with a cat and even though he’s not technically mine I still benefit from all of the cuddles and “biscuit making.” Anyway, I’m sorry I left you, and I hope you like this one 🙂

Lazy Sunday Gryffindor


Lazy Sunday Hufflepuff


I saw this hedgehog mug earlier and I just knew that it was going to be perfect for this outfit! Hedgehogs are so stinkin’ cute, but they can also poke you if you anger them, so for me they just fit with Hufflepuff. I love the positive vibes in this outfit and the cheeriness of it. Yellow isn’t really my color (it sort of clashes with the red hair) but I still love it, and this is a really nice yellow that isn’t too bright and obnoxious but is just really warm and lovely. I hope you like it!

Lazy Sunday Hufflepuff


MANGO print t shirt
$17 – mango.com

Heidi Klum panty


Lazy Sunday Slytherin

Ok, so I’m already sensing a theme here…I’m probably going to stick with the graphic tees, or at least some kind of graphic element in this series. It’s just a great and easy way to get a message across that fits with your personality or #mood for the day. Since I’m a feminist, I’m just projecting my attitude here, but I also feel like it’s pretty obvious that Slytherin women would be strong, confident, and probably identify with the #nastywoman message from this past campaign. I don’t doubt that many of them would aspire to be leaders and ambitious women like Hilary Clinton. In my head canon (and my ideal world), all women would be feminists, hence this lovely and daring outfit. Enjoy!
Lazy Sunday Slytherin


Black and white pants

Robes Slippers