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Back to Business Ravenclaw


Now that I’m finished with the Back to School series I figured I would do a Back to Business series for those of us who aren’t students anymore. Since I graduated in the Spring I now spend most of my time looking for a job so that I can actually afford to go to grad school next fall. I’ve never really had to own business clothes before, but now that I’m venturing into that fashion realm I’m really enjoying it. I’m not going to lie, I feel pretty grown up in my blazer and slacks, not to mention powerful. Anyway, so this series will introduce some outfits that can be worn at work, if the dress code requires it, or can be used to make an impression in an interview. Hopefully you get some good ideas!

Moving on to the actual outfit. As you know I don’t usually use yellow in my Ravenclaw outfits since it isn’t actually one of the official colors, but I think this outfit really needed that bright pop of color to make it a little more fun instead of all business. The owl earrings also go along with that sentiment. I love earrings, but I wouldn’t wear giant flashy earrings when I’m trying to be taken seriously, so these small studs are a good compromise. The shoes and the clutch add a little bit of pattern to the outfit. I know that using black and dark blue is usually a no-no, but I’ve never really been one to follow that rule religiously and I think that it works here. I hope you like it!

Back to Business Ravenclaw

Oasis blouse
$45 –

Prada skirt

River Island pumps
$81 –

J by Jasper Conran handbag
$32 –


Therapy belt
$10 –

Back to School Gryffindor


This is the last post in my Back to School series and it was definitely a fun one to end on. I know I’ve said this multiple times, but Gryffindor colors have a special place in my heart since they remind me of my alma mater. Recently I’ve actually bought multiple maroon/scarlet tops which is probably some subconscious attempt to feel like I’m back at BC. I’m actually wearing a very comfy maroon sweater right now…

Anyway, this outfit is really simple but that’s why I love it. I’m definitely a classic jeans and t-shirt kind of girl so in the fall my go-to outfit is basically something you see right here. A comfy sweater with jeans and flats is a very easy yet cute outfit when the weather is still fairly warm. The studs on the shoulders add a little extra element without much effort. The back pack is very simple too which is why I added that scarf. I like tying ribbons or scarves to things to add some extra color and interest so I would definitely tie the scarf to the backpack to add a fun pattern to the outfit. I’ve also probably mentioned bows multiple times but I can’t help it, I love them! Also, how could I forget that distinctly Gryffindor flair…the lion necklace! It’s a small touch but it definitely adds a lot. I hope you like it!

Back to School Gryffindor

Knit jumper

H&M jeans
$48 –

Cole Haan flat

Oasis square silk scarve
$45 –

Back to School Hufflepuff


Moving on to Hufflepuff. I think this outfit is adorable, mostly because of the cute overall dress or “jumper”. That word is slightly confusing to me because in Britain a jumper is a sweater, but here it’s this dress thing. Very odd. Anyway, I think it’s very fitting for a Hufflepuff outfit, especially a cute back to school outfit. The scarf has to be my other favorite part of this ensemble. I admit, I’m obsessed with scarves. I have way too many for my own good, but they are so great! I’m not a big necklace person so scarves are a nice way to add some interest to an outfit, especially if it has a fun pattern like this one. The cat earrings are also super cute. I hope you like it!

Back to School Hufflepuff

River Island reversible dress
$16 –

VILA top
$23 –


Cat earrings
$9.65 –


Back to School Slytherin


Well, here’s my second post in this Back to School Series. Slytherin is always fun for me because I like to mix up the girly and edgy elements (think Pansy Parkinson). This outfit is great because it has those fun flirty aspects in the lace headband and the ruffles on the shirt, but it is far from cookie cutter. The bold green pants and the clashing patterns of polka dots and stripes elevate the ensemble to something a littler harder to pull off. The camera stud earrings are unconventional but still super cute and the bright nail polish adds that fun pop of color to go along with the pants. I myself don’t own a pair of colored jeans but I think they are super fun and add a quirky element to an outfit, especially if they are bright green like these! I hope you enjoy the outfit and are getting excited about fall fashion!

Back to School Slytherin

Back to School Ravenclaw


First of all, I’m so happy to be back! I was away in Maine for the Summer working as a camp counselor so I had next to no time for other things, plus I had a sketchy internet connection. Now that I’m back, I’m super excited to start blogging about some back to school looks! Sadly I graduated in May so I am not going back to school this fall and it is killing me (I’m a nerd, I love school). However, I have decided that even if I am not going back to school I can still participate in the joy that is back to school shopping! Fall is also almost upon us and the anticipation of the gorgeous New England foliage and the cups of tea on windy days is getting me very excited.

Anyway, I’ll start off this back to school series with Ravenclaw. As you can see, the statement in this outfit is definitely the pattern on the tights. Since the pattern is so fun and bright I kept everything else fairly understated. The blazer is fun but classic and the white tank is a nice reminder that summer isn’t completely gone yet. The oxfords and leather bag just scream “Ravenclaw” to me. Hopefully this outfit will inspire you to be more studious as you try to emulate the Ravenclaw motto “wit beyond measure is man’s greatest treasure.” Hope you like it!

Back to School Ravenclaw