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Winter Wonderland Gryffindor


It seems sort of silly to post this on the first day of spring, but I had to finish this series. Sorry that it has taken me so long! Of course we have two outfits, one a little more formal than the other. I always love using the Gryffindor colors since they remind me of Boston College, where I’ll actually be returning to in the fall to get my Master’s! Anyway I will definitely be glad to stop making these outfits that include scarves and heavy coats (as much as I love scarves), and start using lighter shirts and brighter prints. Hope you like it!

Winter Wonderland Gryffindor

River Island chunky knit cardigan
$33 –

Bke shirt

Fever short coat
$140 –

River Island low rise skinny jeans
$66 –

River Island beige purse
$33 –

Circle scarve