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Disney Slytherin

I do believe in fairies, I do, I do!! This Disney character’s bestie Tinkerbell would probably be in Slytherin let’s be honest. Do you think Peter would too or is it just his outfit that’s green and not his true house colors? They are both pretty crafty so I’d say maybe, but I think you could make an argument for Gryffindor too. Sorting Disney characters is always so fun and I hope you like it as much as I do!

Steffen Schraut peter pan shirt
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Boohoo short shorts

Minnetonka flat shoes

Long necklace

Dsquared2 leather belt

Green hat
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Nail polish
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Winter Wonderland Gryffindor


It seems sort of silly to post this on the first day of spring, but I had to finish this series. Sorry that it has taken me so long! Of course we have two outfits, one a little more formal than the other. I always love using the Gryffindor colors since they remind me of Boston College, where I’ll actually be returning to in the fall to get my Master’s! Anyway I will definitely be glad to stop making these outfits that include scarves and heavy coats (as much as I love scarves), and start using lighter shirts and brighter prints. Hope you like it!

Winter Wonderland Gryffindor

River Island chunky knit cardigan
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Bke shirt

Fever short coat
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River Island low rise skinny jeans
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River Island beige purse
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Circle scarve