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Disney Hufflepuff

“Dancing – A series of movements involving two partners, where speed & rhythm match harmoniously with music.” –This comes from one of my favorite Disney Pixar scenes with this character. He is very hardworking, has a cockroach friend, and spends a lot of time trying to save a plant. It’s Wall-E!! I’m pretty sure he would actually be a Hufflepuff, especially since we know they are usually pretty great at herbology. Hope you like it! (also so sorry for being absent again, I guess I just can’t get the hang of this whole posting regularly thing)
Disney Hufflepuff


Brown waistcoat

Marc by Marc Jacobs straight skirt

Alex Monroe necklace

Casetify iphone case

Essie nail polish

Birthday cup


Holiday Slytherin


Happy 2014!! I hope everybody had a fun NYE and that the year has started off well. Unfortunately I started the year with a sprained wrist so this is actually quite difficult to type right now.

Anyway, moving on to Slytherin for our Holiday series. This outfit is all about sparkle, but subtle sparkle. Since the dress is so simple and elegant, the accessories can have a little extra shine to brighten everything up. I have a feeling that sparkle and glitter are two very important things in a Slytherin’s wardrobe. Of course I had to add in that special Slytherin ingredient in the serpent necklace. Hope you like it!

Holiday Slytherin