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Ballet Night Gryffindor

I’m back with the final look in the ballet series!
I think this might be my favorite one actually. I’m obsessed with this amazing crushed velvet top, and as you probably know, maroon is one of my favorite colors so I’m always partial to the Gryffindor looks…. Decided to pair it with some white polish to match the pearl earrings and keep it clean and sleek. Really hope you like this one and the series as a whole!
Ballet Night Gryffindor


Velvet crop top
$11 – boohoo.com

Velvet pumps
$45 – newlook.com

Mac cosmetics lipstick
$19 – selfridges.com

NARS Cosmetics nail polish



Lazy Sunday Gryffindor


So I disappeared again…my bad. But hey, at least this time it was only for a couple of months and not 3 years! I was a little preoccupied/stressed out/ecstatic/overwhelmed. Basically, I got a job, frantically searched for apartments, moved to Manhattan, started said job, and essentially got a new life. Now I work a 9-5 in publishing and I’m absolutely loving it 🙂 Books, books, all of the books, all day, every day.

Anyway… on to the clothes! Of course I had to finish up this series. At first when I added in the necklace I second guessed myself, thinking, is this too many cats? The answer is no, there are never too many cats. I may be getting my inspiration from Hermione on this one, but I think many Gryffindors would be highly enthusiastic about wearing the domesticated version of their mascot. Plus, cats just automatically signal cozy/lazy to me. I may also be newly biased on this one since I now live with a cat and even though he’s not technically mine I still benefit from all of the cuddles and “biscuit making.” Anyway, I’m sorry I left you, and I hope you like this one 🙂

Lazy Sunday Gryffindor