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Ballet Night Slytherin


Continuing on with this classy night out series. Not gonna lie, all of these outfits will pretty much have the same general style. The fuller A-line skirt with the tighter and smaller shirt work so well together to create that ballerina effect. This velour top is particularly reminiscent of dancers’ leotards. Perfect way to bring the looks from the stage into your street style!

The silver jewelry matches the nail polish, but not in a totally obvious way. I added in a darker lip, which seemed very Slytherin to me. I don’t wear lipstick often myself, but I think I would feel very glam in this color. Hope you like it, and get excited for the second half of the series!

Ballet Night Slytherin


Flare skirt
$39 – getthelooks.com.au

M Co chain strap purse
$16 – mandco.com

Mac cosmetic

Nars cosmetic


Winter Wonderland Hufflepuff


Although the days are finally getting longer, winter is still in full swing, so here’s the next installment in the Winter Wonderland Series. As usual, I’ve included some pretty feminine touches with the bow and the gorgeous patterned tights. I absolutely love the yellow pea coat with the cute polka dot scarf and it seemed wrong to pair it with anything but a skirt. The first outfit is much more casual with the slouchy sweater and hat and cozy boots. Hope you like it!

Winter Wonderland Hufflepuff

Beige shirt

River Island black velvet top
$30 – riverisland.com

Dorothy Perkins jersey top

H&m skinny jeans
$33 – hm.com

Black velvet skirt

Black high heel booties
$42 – newlook.com

Warehouse yellow handbag
$37 – debenhams.com

Toast striped scarve
$22 – toast.co.uk

Suede glove

Hair clip accessory
$7.51 – claires.co.uk

Winter Wonderland Slytherin


Here’s our second post in the Winter Wonderland Series. Again, we have a more practical, cozy outfit and a dressier outfit. A note about the snow booties: I personally would never be able to pull off heeled snow boots, but I saw them and they just screamed “Slytherin” to me. Since it can be difficult to find matching shades of green, I used subtle elements like the earrings and ring. I hope you like it!

Winter Wonderland Slytherin

Jigsaw green cowl neck sweater
$80 – johnlewis.com

Gray sweater
$39 – ringsandtings.com

Joules coat

Belted coat
$49 – newlook.com

H&M black skinny jeans
$33 – hm.com

Wedge booties
$24 – blueinc.co.uk

Roxy cross body

ASOS green handbag
$32 – asos.com

Teardrop earrings

Grey glove

$29 – topshop.com

Pieces black hat
$24 – welikefashion.com

Dorothy Perkins glove

Pieces knotted headwrap
$13 – nelly.com

Comfy Cozy Hufflepuff


It’s snowing!! It’s definitely the season for getting comfy, snuggling up by the fire and watching the world turn into a winter wonderland. Unfortunately it’s also the season for stuffy noses and sore throats…but the cozy clothes usually make me feel a little better.

First of all, can we just talk about how cute these gingerbread leggings are?? I had to use them in this outfit, even after I had already planned out something completely different. They are so fun and festive. Since they are such a bold pattern though, everything else needs to be very toned down and basic. Don’t ask me why there is a Boston pillow in there…I’m just missing my city right now 😦 I hope you like it and that you are staying warm and safe if you are in a snowy climate like me!

Comfy Cozy Hufflepuff

Comfy Cozy Slytherin


First of all, a belated Happy Thanksgiving to all! I hope everyone got to spend time with their families and give thanks and appreciate all that you have. Sorry that it’s been forever since my last post…I’ve been a little distracted and focused on things like those pesky grad school applications…

Anyway, here is the next installment of the Comfy Cozy Series. It’s definitely starting to feel like the Holidays around here in CT especially since we got some snow last night! This obviously just encourages snuggling even more, so you’ve got to have the appropriate snuggling attire. This Slytherin outfit came together really quickly as soon as I found that snarky sweater. I imagine that Slytherins might outwardly act rather aloof about everything festive, (maybe it’s the grinch color) while inside they secretly love it! The slippers add a touch of bling, always appropriate for a Slytherin outfit, and the abstract throw seals the deal for this cuddly ensemble. I hope you like it!

Comfy Cozy Slytherin

Cozy Autumn Ravenclaw


I’ve probably mentioned this before, but Fall is my absolute favorite season! I love the beautiful New England foliage, the comfy sweaters, and the excessive amounts of pumpkin recipes. I also love fall fashion. It is incredibly easy to be perfectly cozy and cute at the same time, and so much fun too!

This outfit is so great because the giant cable knit sweater will protect against the cold if the plaid shirt isn’t enough! I will never get tired of plaid. I will consider it a wardrobe staple until I die. Not sorry. I’m also obsessed with scarves, and this infinity scarf is very in fashion right now, and super comfy. I hope you like it!

Cozy Autumn Ravenclaw

Navy top

H&M skinny leg jeans
$32 – hm.com

Even odd brown crossbody bag
$40 – zalando.co.uk

Anna Field brown shawl
$27 – zalando.co.uk

Back to School Gryffindor


This is the last post in my Back to School series and it was definitely a fun one to end on. I know I’ve said this multiple times, but Gryffindor colors have a special place in my heart since they remind me of my alma mater. Recently I’ve actually bought multiple maroon/scarlet tops which is probably some subconscious attempt to feel like I’m back at BC. I’m actually wearing a very comfy maroon sweater right now…

Anyway, this outfit is really simple but that’s why I love it. I’m definitely a classic jeans and t-shirt kind of girl so in the fall my go-to outfit is basically something you see right here. A comfy sweater with jeans and flats is a very easy yet cute outfit when the weather is still fairly warm. The studs on the shoulders add a little extra element without much effort. The back pack is very simple too which is why I added that scarf. I like tying ribbons or scarves to things to add some extra color and interest so I would definitely tie the scarf to the backpack to add a fun pattern to the outfit. I’ve also probably mentioned bows multiple times but I can’t help it, I love them! Also, how could I forget that distinctly Gryffindor flair…the lion necklace! It’s a small touch but it definitely adds a lot. I hope you like it!

Back to School Gryffindor

Knit jumper

H&M jeans
$48 – hm.com

Cole Haan flat

Oasis square silk scarve
$45 – oasis-stores.com